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K9 Piper Kit Campaign

K9 Piper lived every day to the fullest. Even with a foot of snow on the runway, he showed up, tongue out and ready for anything. His main function was to increase safety by responding to reports of wildlife and conducting regular patrols. Snowy owls and foxes never stood a chance on the runway. 

In order to keep the runways safe, K9 Piper had the essential kit to help him do his job. Without these items he could not complete his mission and keep the runways clear. This is true for all working K9s - without proper gear they cannot complete their tasks. We created the K9 Piper Kit Campaign for this very reason. All money raised will buy items like heat alarms, GPS trackers, non-ballistic vests, and Rex Specs - something that K9 Piper was known for. Please help honor the life of a K9 loved by so many, by donating to the K9 Piper Kit Campaign.